Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaNo Day One

Today was Day One of the madness that is called NaNoWriMo. I'm happy to say I wrote two thousand words today. This brings the ms total to just over six thousand words.

I had originally thought to scrap the first four thousand words of the story and start in a differnt place. I decided not to after re-reading it. I can always scrap the beginning later, but for now, I like this start to the book.

Heather spent the afternoon working on her outline and character sketches. Hopefully she will be tapping away at the keys tomorrow afternoon.

Two Thousand down, 48K to go.


  1. Can't wait to read BOTH books. Go girls.

    Mom and Kansas Grandma

  2. Yay! Thanks for the support, Mom. We're both excited about trying this challenge. :)

  3. Excellent start for the both of you. I spent more time composting.

  4. How exciting! Congratulations on adding to the book. Woot woot!

  5. And they're off! Way to go Erica and Heather. What an exciting project to do together. Good luck to both of you.

  6. Great start, Erica. Keep tapping those words out. Remember the magic words to keep you going: Coffee, Chocolate!