Monday, November 05, 2007

NaNo Day Five

NaNo Day Five! Today I got about two thousand words, bringing my NaNo total to over six thousand. While this is a great start, at this rate, I will not make 50K by the end of the month. I'll have to factor in some Saturday writing marathons this month.
This past Saturday I was in Caledonia, Minnesota for an auction. I came home with a beautiful c. 1900 oak sideboard that had belonged to my husband's great grandmother. It is so pretty. I'll try to post a picture of it on the blog soon.
In case you didn't know, auctions are a terrific place to people watch. You can tell pretty quick who is a regular attender and known to the auctioneer. You can tell who is after what too as they examine the offerings.
Auctioneers are fun to watch too. This particular auction had three auctioneers that all took turns with the microphone.
I've been to auctions before, and I know the secret to a good auction for me is to have a dollar amount in my mind before I start bidding for something. That way I don't get 'buck fever' when the bidding starts and give too much for an item.
I figured to be bidding on some of the furniture that was offered, but I asked my husband what he thought I should bid. Uncharacteristically, he said, "Use your judgement."
When I bought the most expensive item at the auction (and also the best), I had a sinking feeling that when I got home, he would say, "I meant use your GOOD judgement!"
Fortunately, he's pleased with the piece and the price I got it for. Whew!


  1. I've never been to a real auction. Just silent auctions at guild functions. The thrill of the hunt must be exciting. Can't wait to see pictures of your treasure.

  2. You did good, Erica! I'm so glad that you are the one who took it home.

  3. I love auctions for the very reason you stated--to people watch. Congrats on the side board. It's neat that it's a family piece. May you enjoy it for many years.

  4. I've never been before. How fun! Glad your hubby approved=)

  5. I've been to lots of auctions. In a small town it's considered a top form of entertainment. I loved watching the auctioneer the most--you could tell he had illusions of being a celebrity wannabe.

    It's fun to see what people buy too.