Friday, November 16, 2007

The Friday Five

As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts turn to purchasing gifts. What to give the novelist? Here are five novelist novelties you might consider.

Novelist Novelties:
1. Candy hearts stamped "Wanna NaNo?"
2. A T-shirt printed "Be nice to me or I will kill you in my next novel."
3. A coffee mug that says "Will plot for coffee."
4. A ballcap emblazoned "No, I'm not talking to myself."
5. A suntea jar filled with chocolates labeled "Writer's Survival Kit."
What other gifts might you think of for a novelist?


  1. A big box full of all kinds of writing supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils).

    A "coupon" book with certificates redeemable for "stolen Saturdays."

    Subscription to The Writer or Writer's Digest.

    A trip to the location where the writer needs to do her/his research hands-on.

    A year's worth of visits from Merry Maids so the writer doesn't have to choose between cleaning and writing!

  2. Those are great! Can I sign up for all of them? I need the Merry Maids!

  3. How about a $5000 gift card to an office supply store (I'm thinking big here.)

    A quiet zone in the house, for writers only.

    A year's supply of Schwan's food so said writer doesn't have to cook.

    You know, I'm so used to your Friday Five I've checked back like FIVE time to see it. I really should sign up for your thingy, but I'd rather visit in person. Well, you know what I mean.

  4. Some scented candle jars.

  5. I want that t-shirt!!!!!! I almost bought one at the WB gift shop that said "Writer" on it. But I kind of ran out of money...

    I'm giving Ria Writer's Digest for Christmas this year.

  6. A fairy godmother would be nice, or maybe some pixie dust--you know, sprinkle it in the air and have instant plot, instant characters and instant book.

    Can do without the Merry Maid's--if I didn't clean, I'd never have time to plot.