Friday, November 02, 2007

The Friday Five

I know there are folks out there who dislike, perhaps even despise, CBS's Survivor. But as a family, we love it! Why on earth? you might ask.
This week's Friday Five is:
Five reasons I like watching Survivor.
1. Unpredictability. No one is safe from being voted off, no one knows everything that is going on, and no one can trust anyone completely.
2. The Challenges. I guess I just like to see people do silly things for a million dollars. They've eaten gross stuff, climbed through mud, rolled giant balls around an arena, climbed through mazes, carried sandbags, and figured out puzzles.
3. Jeff Probst. He makes me laugh.
4. The people. What an interesting mix. It's like a mini "Lord of the Flies". The crucible of enforced camp life really brings out people's character. Add to that the mistrust of each other and the quest of a cool million and people will say and do just about anything. As a people-watcher, this fascinates me.
5. My family. We are all into watching Survivor. There's no cajoling to get us all to join in. And there's the prognosticating. My husband likes to figure out the scenarios that will benefit whoever he's rooting for, talking (sometimes at length) about what a player should or should not do, or about what they did that was good or bad. My son loves to keep count of the votes at the end of every episode. My daughter picks out a favorite and rarely wavers from that decision. When Survivor goes off the air (a long time from now, I hope) we'll be able to look back and remember what a good time we had watching that show together.
How about you? Survivor: thumbs up or thumbs down? Do you have a show like Survivor that you watch all together, or one you wouldn't miss yourself?


  1. What you described in your Friday Five are also elements of a great book--the characters, the unpredictability, challenges the characters go through, and then getting your readers to unite and read EVERYTHING you write.
    I'm not a survivor watcher myself, but my hubby and I love dancing with the stars for the same reasons you cited. Great thoughts, Erica.

  2. I hate Survivor. But for most of the reasons you listed that you like it, I love The Amazing Race which starts up again this Sunday!! WooHoo! Can't wait!

  3. Not into these "reality" shows as you young people are. Personally, I think the shows are scripted. Like the game show scandal in the 50's (-;

    Me? I'm happy to watch old shows and old movies. Give me a good Western or submarine flick any ol' day. Chip anyone?

  4. I LOVE SURVIVOR!!! Before my husband started working nights we used to watch it religiously, and make an evening out of it with BIG food. Somehow, our meal always tasted better as we watched them starve and eat worms. Sick, eh? And it's a great study in group dynamics. Anyhoo, I miss Survivor, but it would be so mean to watch it without hubby =(

  5. Voting in on the "I Dislike Survivor" side. I dislike it for most of the reasons you like it so much--that and the fact that people who like it really, really LIKE it and wouldn't miss it! LOL

    My sister has instructed us never to call her while Survivor is on. Now my niece, Jenny, refuses to answer her cell phone for the same reason. It's JUST A TV show--that's my thought.

    Fact is, I'm not much of a tv watcher. I enjoy videos or movies of old shows. Sometimes if I think I'll watch something, I find a History Channel special and watch it. But I couldn't tell you what is popular and what isn't right now. I think I've seen five minutes of Survior once or twice.

    Having said that--I have to admit I think I've been bitten by the reality tv bug recently. I was watching something on Discovery Channel and saw a show advertised called, "Jon and Kate plus Eight." Jon and Kate are parents of six year old twins and two year old sextuplets. It's wild!

    I actually know what time it comes on and even get the email reminders--so, okay, yeah--I do watch something. Oh, and then there is a show Jenny told me about on Discovery and I just started watching it--"Little People, Big World." It's about a married dwarf couple and their four children--one dwarf, three normal sized. And that's all I watch---although--I did see another show the other day called, "Half a Dozen Kids."

    Maybe I'd better stop. GRIN!

  6. Add me to the list of "I can't stand Survivor". It seems so staged and fake to me. I'm not a fan of reality shows at all really. The only ones I watch are America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. Elizabeth is addicted to both, and the drama is really funny. And you can't help but love Tim Gunn, even though he's gay.