Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beloved Castaway

Introducing Beloved Castaway by Kathleen Y'Barbo


Inaugural Release in the Fairweather Keys Series Has Romance, Weighty Issues

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., — Isabelle Gayarre was born of dubious parentage. The illegitimate daughter of a rich white gentleman and his quadroon mistress, she was born into a gilded cage – loved and adored but a slave nonetheless. Her only hope was to secure passage to England aboard The Jude to escape to an English country cottage given to her by her half-sister, Emilie. The cottage—an ocean away from the racist constrains of New Orleans—would give Isabelle a life of freedom.

Yet Isabelle’s flight to freedom is almost over before it begins when fire breaks out on the docks of New Orleans. Narrowly avoiding destruction, Josiah Carter captains The Jude through the flames. The fire, though, has taken its toll and Captain Carter must find medical care for his men. On the way, he finds himself drawn both to Isabelle and her faith as those aboard his ship suffer with their fire-induced injuries. When still another catastrophe strikes the ship in the Florida Keys, Josiah is forced to come to terms with his faith—and his love of a slave woman whose gilded cage bars her forever from the bonds of matrimony.

Does love truly conquer all? Even the racist society of nineteenth century
New Orleans?

About Kathleen Y’Barbo
A mother of three sons and one daughter, lives in the Houston area.
An award-winning, bestselling novelist of Christian fiction, Kathleen
is a member of various writing groups, speaker on the craft of
writing, and teacher of an online creative writing course. For more
information, visit www.kathleenybarbo.com

My Review: Beloved Castaway is an enjoyable book. It certainly starts with a bang! Both Isabelle and Josiah are likeable characters, and their conflict is real. If you enjoy action-packed historical fiction, grab a copy of Beloved Castaway. The setting, the characters, the conflict, the action will all propel you through this book at lightning speed. Be ready for a twist you never saw coming! I love a book that surprises me, and this one sure did. Congratulations to Kathleen Y'Barbo on this adventuresome tale.

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