Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Writer's Friend

I have read books on craft. I have attended writer's conferences. I have been part of face-to-face crit groups. I have been (and still am in) on-line crit groups. I have purchased writing aids, lecture notes, experts on tape, post it notes, index cards, workbooks, and highlighters.

And what is the most valuable piece of my writing arsenal when it comes to starting a new novel?
My daughter, Heather! (15 and pictured in front of the bookcases in my office.) I plot my novels out loud with her when I first get started, outlining what needs to happen when, and how to get to the conclusion I want.
Today she helped me with the new novel, tentatively entitled Hope of the North Star. The title might change as I get to know the story better. Heather helped me organize my thoughts, find a subplot, and define the scope of the story. I had a theme and she helped me refine it.
I don't want to write a novel without her!


  1. What a great team you make. Wonderful that you have a close relationship with her.

    Btw, the bookcase is fabulous!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you've started the next book!

  3. Having had Heather's invaluable advice myself with my soon (I HOPE) to be published book, I can vouch that everything Erica says is true. (And not just a Mom's Bragging rights!) Heather was one of my first readers and she always made good suggestions via her Mom.

    She's also a very nice person! (And I'm not just saying that because she could quote back parts of one of my stories after having heard it only once!)

    So, Heather, when do you plan to open your editorial office? Or does Mom get all your expertise?

  4. Anonymous7:05 PM

    What a great help Heather is to you, Erica! You should be very proud. And not having seen her in over a year, she is growing up fast.


  5. Hi, Jo-Ann! Heather is growing up so fast! I wish I could grab time with two hands and slow it down a bit!

  6. Hurray for Heather! She is one awesome girl in many, many ways.

  7. YAY for a wonderful daughter/writing buddy! Better make sure she gets a top line in your acknowledgements WHEN your book comes out!