Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A stolen Saturday

This past Saturday my daughter and I stole out early for another "girl's day out" foray to the library.
We had breakfast at the Old Country Buffet, where, thank the Lord, we were almost finished before the two massive busses pulled up carrying nearly sixty college football players. These were some of the largest men I have ever seen. That buffet didn't stand a chance.
Then it was on to the library. Have I mentioned how much I love the library? I spent a happy five hours searching the card catalog online, wandering the stacks, and best of all, reading The Rochester Post from 1873 to 1877 on microfilm.
I didn't do any writing, as this was a research and fact-finding mission. What surprised me most was the information I couldn't find. I could not find a biography of John Sergeant Pillsbury (of doughboy fame) former governor of Minnesota. I also couldn't run any book to earth that focused specifically on German Immigrants in Minnesota. In particular, I need information on wedding customs, church, cuisine, and dress.
Heather and I did a little shopping after the library. The first stop on our list was Caribou Coffee. We had a funeral on Sunday at our church and the deceased specified he wanted Caribou Coffee served at his funeral.
I am coffee illiterate. I walked in and looked at the bags of coffee. Picked one up. Uh-oh. These are beans, not ground coffee. (Please, remember I'm coffee illiterate.) I walked up to the counter and asked the Barista (I watch TV. I know they are called Baristas. I just hope I'm spelling it right.) if they could grind the beans for me. She smiled, almost patted my hand like 'it's-okay-I'll-walk-you-through-this-step-by-step', and took the two bags. Quicker than you can say 'Shurgar won the Derby' she had them ground up and resealed and in a bag.
A bonus was that for every one pound bag of coffee you purchased, they were offering a free drink. This would've been so amazing if I actually drank coffee. Heather had something called a Snowdrift. Ice and milk and Oreo's all whipped together and topped with lots of frothy cream and more cookie bits. I, the coffee philistine, had a bottle of diet coke from the cooler.
I've been pouring over my research books and preparing for the beginning of another novel. Things are falling into place. I'm excited right now, but be prepared for some whining soon. The first forty pages of a novel are always the hardest for me. The goal is to have a first draft done by Valentine's Day. Time to get a new countdown widget! :)


  1. Might have been fun to hang around and watch the football players devour the buffet!

    I would be a babe in the coffee store too. So kind that you actually went to get the kind of coffee he asked for. The coffee gal must have rolled her eyes when you asked for a diet coke! LOLOL

    Glad you had a good day to do near graduate level research (-;

  2. Time at the library sounds heavenly! And we know how you love research:) A first draft by Valentine's Day? I'm impressed. And jealous! Mostly impressed.

  3. Ahhhh . . . football players.

    But enough about my dream world--I'm so glad you were able to get away and do this again. Now that I have a new battery for the laptop, I may start doing this, too. The library at my undergrad college (Trevecca) is only about five minutes from here and a great place to get away from it all!

    A diet coke? Really? You know that barrista had a good laugh at your expense. When we're there next September, Georgiana and I will give you a crash course in coffee. :-)

  4. I've spent about an hour browsing your blog--from the beginning to--well, I haven't finished yet. You have some great posts! It's 1 a.m. here and I'm giving it up for the night ... but I'll be back. :)

  5. Thanks, Jess, for coming by. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. I've sure enjoyed reading yours. Let me know the instant you hear anything from your conference contacts!