Monday, October 15, 2007

Special Book Review! Amy Grant's Mosaic

Grammy Award-winning artist Amy Grant has lived in the spotlight since bursting onto the Christian music scene as a teenager thirty years ago. In that time her work, marriage, and spiritual life have been subject to varying degrees of adulation and criticism.

Now in her first autobiographical book, Grant bares her heart and soul, giving readers an intimate glimpse into her everyday life and the lessons she's learning along the way. From lighthearted reminiscences of her Tennessee childhood to painfully honest reflections on the journey of faith, her vivid writing draws readers into her world while simultaneously creating space for them to rethink their own perspectives on life.

With honesty and depth, Grant offers poignant and often startling insights on motherhood, marriage, friendship, faith, loss, forgiveness, and redemption. Never-before-shared stories about her husband, country music star Vince Gill, provide a look into her life as a celebrity, while intimate portraits of her mother and musings on the past reveal the various pieces of a life blessed with jagged edges as well as vivid colors. Readers will find their preconceived notions of this music icon stripped away as they settle in for a warmly satisfying conversation with a gracious and wise friend.

MY REVIEW: The last sentence of the book blurb above is so true. I had preconceived notions about Amy Grant. After all, with my super-strict upbringing, she was on the NO-NO! list when her music first hit Christian circles. Then, when I went to college, I listened to her Christmas music on the college radio station. The man I started dating (and later married) was a huge Amy Grant fan, had all her albums, and had been to at least one of her concerts. I nearly wore out one of her cassettes driving between home and the community college after I was married.

I was sad when I heard Amy and her husband of many years were divorcing. I still loved her music, but I couldn't help but feel saddened that her testimony as a Christian artist was marred by the failure of her marriage.

When I heard about Mosaic and had the chance to review it, my first thought was: "A ha! NOW I will find out what happened in that marriage that made it come apart. Amy Grant will put up some defense, lay out the reasons, and clear her name."

That's not what Mosaic is about at all. Though Amy touches on that difficult time in her life, the book isn't a blow-the-lid-off expose. It's about how God uses all the little bits of our life, some broken, some whole, some flawed, some perfect, to create a mosaic of beautiful colors that glorifies Him. Family, work, nature, the past, the present, our hope for the future, hard stuff, funny stuff, acclaim, shame, treasures, junk, pain, and joy. No two people's mosaic is the same, but they are all beautiful works of God.

When I finished the book, I laid it in my lap and said to my husband, "I feel like I just had a long conversation with a dear friend. This book was less about Amy Grant than about the God she can see moving through every aspect of her life."

Amy was very courageous to pen these stories, giving us an intimate look at her Mosaic-in-Progress. I certainly reflected on my own as a result of reading this book.

I encourage you to read Mosaic. It will change the way you think about a lot of things.

To purchase a copy of Mosaic, CLICK HERE.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. Sign me up, please.

  2. lori chally8:26 AM

    Erica! I just found your blog! I'm glad I stopped by. :) I love your review--I remember being broken-hearted about Amy's divorce too. I was young and it was a really big deal to me. I look forward to reading about what God has done behind the scenes in her very front-stage life.

  3. Great review Erica!

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Your review made me want to read this book, Erica.


  5. Thank you. I hope I win!