Friday, October 12, 2007

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is: Five things I saw yesterday when I went on a lumber delivery with my husband. We went about 300 miles and made seven stops. Fall has come to MN.

Canada Geese. These are unremarkable in MN, particularly in Rochester. There are more Canada geese than people in Rochester which has a population of about 100K. But I still like them.

I saw a flock of eight Great Blue Herons, more than I'd seen all in one place before.

Wild turkeys. These guys are everywhere! Flocks of a dozen to sometimes as many as fifty! I love it when the Gobblers face off and puff up their feathers. The hens around them don't seem to be paying any attention.
Black Scoters on Clear Lake in Waseca. These guys are fast!
In Waterville, MN, we saw a white squirrel darting across a lawn, scattering leaves everywhere. I'd never seen a white squirrel before. HE'd sure be hard to see in the snow!
Have you had a chance to get out and enjoy the fall weather? Have you seen anything interesting?


  1. Today was my runaway day down to Mystic with Red. I saw more than 5 kinds of fudge at Franklin's General Store. I bought a brick of Snickers, Chocolate Walnut, and Vanilla Chocolate Swirl (total wt. 1 lb) They put a Starbucks across the street from Old Mystic Village. Saw a white duck in the duck pond. Saw some cool alphabet tiles in the Mystical Elements store. I spelled my name and Red's name in tiles. On the way to drop off Red at her house saw the sign for Lake

  2. That's Lake
    CHARGOGGAGOGGMANCHAUGGAUGGAGOGGCHAUBUNAGUNGAMAUGG otherwise known as Webster Lake because it's easier to say and spell

  3. A white squirrel? Was it rabid???

    Nope, haven't seen anything interesting around these here parts.

  4. It's been so hot here up until this week that we haven't even seen the birds start to migrate through yet. But we finally got some cooler weather that makes us believe this horrible, long, hot summer might come to an end sometime . . . though it is supposed to be back up above eighty on Sunday. [sigh] I'm so ready for cold weather!

  5. Beautiful! I've never seen a white squirrel. What makes them white? Are they just in the North? Where did they originate from? We have squirrels all over our neighborhood--fun little creatures to watch.

    Okay, I'm heading to the library. I'll make a note of 5 interesting things I see in the four miles to Calcacieu Parish Library. ahahah Oh yeah, this should REALLY be interesting.

  6. I have no idea what makes a white squirrel white. I thought it might be an albino, but in the pictures I found, the eyes aren't red. They're black/brown like other squirrels. It must be some coloration gene that makes them that way. They sure are odd looking.

  7. Fall is trying to appear down here. It's been cool at night, down in the 50's, and the sycamores are starting to change color.

    We occasionally have a Blue Heron show up on our property. He never stays long, and likes to come during hurricanes.