Friday, October 05, 2007

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five:
Five things you will NEVER hear me say.
1. Go Yankees!
2. Could I have another cup of coffee, please?
3. Let's go to Red Lobster!
4. What? There's a new Will Farrell spoof movie out? I'm SO There!
5. I'd LOVE to play the piano in church!
There are so many more, but I think I'll save those for another week.
What would I never hear YOU say?


  1. 1. I just finished my last cross stitch project, too bad I don't have another one to start.
    2. Wish I could get a closer look at that snake.
    3. Why aren't there more reality tv shows?
    4. I think I've finally got my flower beds just the way I want them.
    5. I'm just too tired for Awana tonight.

  2. 1. Sure, I'll work in the church nursery.
    2. Please pass the peas.
    3. Adam Sandler has a new movie out? Let's go!
    4. I'd love to go camping and sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground in a tent outside in the wilderness where we're exposed to the elements and who-knows-what else.
    5. Yay, Survivor's on.

  3. LOL

    1. Yes, I'll teach kids in Sunday School
    2. I'd love to do Children's Church
    3. Those brussel sprouts look tasty!
    4. Go, Cubs!
    5. Do I get to clean the bathroom yet?

    Love the one about the snake. I'm right behind you.

  4. 1. Go Yankees!
    2. I'll do the shopping at Market Basket.
    3. Aren't spiders cute with their furry, wiggly legs?
    4. More cheese, please!
    5. Let's go see the clowns!

    LOL Fun blog!

  5. 1. I love lobster.
    2. I love the way my frequent flyer miles are adding up!
    3. Everything with cheese, please.
    4. Wonderful, I get to babysit all twelve of my brother's grandkids at once!
    5. Can we please, please, please watch the 5 millionth rerun of "I Love Lucy?"

  6. 1. Can you put mushrooms on that?
    2. I hope my kids never get potty trained, because I love the face to face time.
    3. No thanks, I've had enough cheesecake for now.
    4. Sure honey, I'd love to iron those for you.
    5. I've spent way too much time reading today.