Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Goals- time for a recheck

Okay, one week before the conference, it's time to recheck those goals. I've taken off some, added others, and am pressing on.

1) Write synopsis/proposal packet for Drums of the North Star, including series ideas. DONE!
2) Attend ACFW Conference in September. Only a week away! I can't believe it!
3) Pray, pray, pray! (this one should be #1...or #1-10) Sometimes God brings things into your life that DRIVE you to prayer. That's where I am right now, seeking God as my strength and refuge.

4) Finish edits on The Bartered Bride. The crit group is deep into the edits on this one. One more round after this should see the ms all the way through crits.
5) Write synopsis/proposal packet for Bartered Bride including series ideas. Done!
6) One Sheets for Drums and Bartered Bride for the conference. Done, and thanks to Kaye, they went through a mini-critique with the Middle Tennessee Christian Writers Group and got the thumbs up.
7) Business cards designed and printed. Check!
8) Proposals printed and sample chapters for the conference, as well as sample chapters for the Early Bird Session on Characters and Emotions. I have one set of sample chapters left to print, and I need to gather my highlighters and pens for this class.
9) Pack! So far I'm only to the 'mental packing' stage. I probably won't pack until next Tuesday. Though I might go shopping this week. :)
10) Mundane but necessary travel junk. Confirming flights, hotel reservations, shuttle reservations, etc. will happen early next week.
How are your goals shaping up? Have you had to adjust your expectations, your goals, or your wants? I've had a few curveballs thrown at me this year that have caused some readjustments. I've also relaxed my goals for the upcoming conference. I'm not there to SELL! at all costs a manuscript. I'm going to meet people, to make friends, to learn all I can, and to see what the possibilities are for me. I have to tell you, this has taken so much pressure off.


  1. Sounds like you are doing great. Hope the conference is fun and you have a super time. Selling would be good too. :)

    My goals have gone through a few backward paces this summer too. I'm hoping to refocus now that school's begun and get moving forward. Time will tell.

    And I did blog without being tagged.

  2. Woohoo! SEVEN days!!!!!

    I have one brief proposal to put together by the end of the week. I'll spend the first few days of next week when I'm on vacation printing my pitch sheets and maybe actually getting some writing done!

  3. 6 days now!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited.

    I'm waiting on my SIL to get back with me about the picture of me I want to put on my one-sheet. I need to remove some glare and I don't have a program that will do a good job. She does. If all goes as planned, one-sheets will be printed Friday. And I'll be all set as far as I know.

    Business cards are done, wardrobe is mapped out to maximize suitcase space. (that means more room for books!) Now it's just waiting for Thursday morning.

  4. I can't believe how fast it's all happening! You've done a great job preparing. Glad you're hanging in there.

  5. I had a few synopsis curve balls thrown at me this last week, so I'm rewriting!!!

    Nothing is printed yet, and I can't remember what is needed for the early bird.

    Still lots to do!!!