Friday, September 14, 2007

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is Game Shows I've watched in the past week.

A Preface: Three weeks ago, the cable company shuffled their channel list once more. My MIL, who is suffering a serious relapse of her cancer, was an avid watcher of The Game Show Network. In the channel-shuffle, they bumped the GSN up into the tier of channels above her current cable package. Several calls to the cable company to set things up and one very memorable run-in in with my FIL and the installer, and BINGO! we've got GSN back for the MIL. A few days each week, (2-3 depending on schedules) I go to my MIL's to help care for her (though she's doing so well, she shooes me away). So we have been enjoying the GSN 24/7. This week's 'five' is Game Shows I've watched.

1. Match Game 75. (men with porkchop sideburns, polyester leisure suits, white buck shoes and belts)

2. Family Feud with Richard Dawson (He kisses EVERY woman on the show right on the lips! EW!)

3. To Tell The Truth with John O'Hurley (I never know who is telling the truth, and where do they find these people???)

4. Chain Reaction (The host is cute and the game fun.)

5. Lingo (Sort of bingo meets crosswords meets scrabble.)


  1. I LOVED the original Family Feud, in fact, I don't think anyone other host got it right, except for the lip locks, LOL. You know what other show I loved in the 70's? The Newlywed Game. I was just a tot, but I thought it was a riot.

  2. I loved the original Match Game with host, Gene Rayburn. Also loved Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde to block. (-; Still enjoy Jeopardy.

    GLad MIL is enjoying her line up.

  3. We don't get the GSN here but I still love "Jeopardy" and the Millionaire game when I get to watch.

    I remember watching "The Match Game"--the original, "To Tell the Truth" on Sunday nights. Also loved having to stay home from school sick because I got to watch game shows all morning.

    About a month ago, I did see "LIngo" at my brother's house. It looked like fun.

    Glad to hear the MIL is doing good and shooing you away. It's always great to hear good news.

  4. Actually, the way I take Richard Dawson kissing them is that THEY all kiss him on the lips, too!!!!!

    Have they not watched the show before going on?????