Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Trials and Errors

I am no artist. I don't have an eye for color. I know I like red. That's about it. So when I sat down to design (Ha! What a lofty word for it.) a 'one sheet' for my novel Drums of the North Star, I felt overwhelmed.
The past two days, I've downloaded templates, deleted boxes, inserted text, and uploaded pictures until my eyes are crossed. In fact, the first picture I tried to upload was so big it covered the entire page of text. I wanted to cry.
But when I finished the page, I was so proud. Look, the words were in the boxes. My headshot was a thumbnail instead of an 8x10, and I had even managed to get everything I wanted onto the sheet without the font being microscopic.
Then I sent the page to my friend who is a graphic artist. I wanted to hear 'atta girl' and 'It looks great. I bet they offer you a contract right there!' What I got was...well, the truth.
Hideous YELLOW isn't the right color for a one sheet. (I didn't even know I could change the background color at the time. I've since learned.) And that honkin' big black box with the white text is a real turn-off. It overpowers what I want to say.
I tell you, it was like getting a critique on your bestest ever first draft of your first novel that everyone is going to love to pieces and clamor for. And you find out your baby's ugly.
Well, never let it be said that I was daunted. Today I went back to the drawing board and found a template that I really love. I worked all afternoon on getting it together for a one sheet of The Bartered Bride. I knocked out a proposal packet as well. (Including a dreaded chapter by chapter synopsis...blech!)
Tomorrow, I burn the hideous yellow one sheet and fit Drums out with the same template as today.
Thank you, CJ, for telling me the truth and helping me. Crits can sting, but they are for my own good.
And pray for Kaye. She's down with back pain. :( We want her all healed up and feeling feisty for the conference in just over a month. EEEK!


  1. Well, now that you got rid of that gawdawful yellow background, I can say "atta girl"! The new template is balanced and the new color, understated. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

  2. Praise God for people who tell the truth and temper it with love:) Glad you've got your one sheet knocked out!

  3. I'd be glad to know what the heck a one sheet is---should I know??