Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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This week, the
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(Multnomah Fiction August 21, 2007)
Mark Mynheir

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Mynheir is a cop writer. He has authored Rolling Thunder (The Truth Chasers Book One) and From the Belly of the Dragon (The Truth Chasers Book Two).

During his career as a police officer, Mark has worked as a narcotics agent, a S.W.A.T. team member, and a homicide detective. Mark and his wife, Lori, live with their three children in central Florida.


The Truth Chasers Book Three

Someone’s trying to play God…and he’s turning Palm Bay into hell. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent Robbie Sanchez devotes her life to crime prevention, and it shows: She has no personal life and doesn’t know the meaning of a day off. After all, someone has to be around to clean up the mess crime leaves behind. So when Officer Brad Worthington is brutally murdered, Agent Sanchez is called to the scene along with Brad’s best friend, Detective Eric Casey. The two turn to Lifetex, the genetics lab near the scene, hoping their elaborate security system might have captured the crime outside. But what’s going on inside the lab is far worse: a renegade scientist is cloning humans! As Robbie and Eric pursue clues–and a growing attraction–they are caught in a deadly battle as the clones begin to act on their own volition…but this battle threatens to claim more than human life; the clones are vying for human souls.

The Void is nothing short of a page-turner. Mynheir is truly hitting his stride as one of our industry's most notable Christian novelists. This latest book has it all: suspense, humor, intrigue, realistic police action, and one thought-provoking story line. Creston Mapes, Author of Nobody
MY REVIEW: First, I have to say, this book grabbed my interest right away. The premise and the questions it raises are so intriging. And the good guys are good guys without being perfect, and the bad guys are bad guys who meet an appropriate end. The thread of redemption is woven through the book, and God's power to save and change a life is beautifully displayed.
I had the honor to meet Mark Mynheir at the 2006 Florida Christian Writer's Conference. He's a terrific writer who is able to teach and willing to learn. Though he was on the faculty of the conference, he sat in on the same continuing ed class I did with the marvelous teacher Angela Hunt. It was a true witness to his character that even though he was an accomplished author himself, he was humble enough to listen, ask questions, take notes, and learn with the rest of us. Oh, and he also shared what he knew with those who weren't as far along the journey as he. That testimony made me leap at the chance to read one of his books when I was offered one, even though it wasn't in a genre I normally enjoy. I guess it goes to show that in this case marketing was best accomplished by being a good servant to others and having a good testimony.
I heartily recommend this book.


  1. oooh, this does sound good.

  2. oo oo oo, I'm almost at the end. Enjoying it very much!

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Sounds like a good book to read.


  4. Erica,

    Thanks for posting the blurb about The Void and your kind review of it. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Also, I do remember you from the conference. I hope things are going well for you. Take care, and God bless.

    Mark Mynheir