Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Reading

Whew! Two days and 173 pages. The first read-through of The Bartered Bride is completed. With blue Bic Crystal pen in hand, I read all twenty-five chapters and an epilogue aloud to my patient and encouraging daughter. She crocheted on her special project for gramma while I read aloud and made pencil (pen) edits to the manuscript.
I found a couple of style notes. The hero's brother had green eyes in one scene and blue in another. The secret meeting was in the Cassell building, then suddenly shifted to the Brooke Building in the following chapter. Little things.
My main concern is my spiritual thread throughout the book. It gains momentum as you read along and I'm concerned that it isn't evident enough up front. I'll be asking the crit girls to evaluate that as they read.
This was a really fun book, 50K words knocked out in 5 weeks. Not bad, says I.
What's the fastest you've ever completed a first draft?


  1. 50K in 5 weeks is FANTASTIC! (PS, you need to go to my Facebook and answer that question!) Anyhoo, yay for a 1st readthrough! I'm so excited to read it Erica! Good job! I think the book I'm working on now is the fastest I've completed a 1st draft--started mid April and finished 1st draft a week and a half ago. 3 months.

  2. Fastest I've ever completed a manuscript (first draft) was in four months (75k words)--the spring semester of 2003: working full time, taking 9 hours of undergraduate classes. It's amazing how much easier it is to crank out words when there are other things I'm supposed to be doing!

    Longest: 2 years for a complete first draft plus one semester to complete a revision that included a lot of rewriting and a final semester that comprised two revisions that were more about editing and consistency--so 3 years total.

  3. Wow, very impressive.

    So far, I'm slow. Then again, I've always had kids around needing things and dropping naps at the ridiculous age of 3! When they're a little older and don't need me to do so many things for them, it'll get better.

  4. Mylongest book--my first took ten yeara around kids and working two jobs.

    My shortest was 2 weeks--a very rough, first draft of about 36K words for a 50K book--that left me 20K to play with and improve. Although the speed of the 1st draft says nothing about the LONG time it's taking me to complete that book. I started the first draft when you were working on 8 Seconds--you're done two other books and I'm still working on the second draft---

    Are you contagious? Cause I would really like some!

  5. I'm so impressed. These days it seems like I can hardly make it through a first draft without freaking out halfway through that it's all wrong. A few months later, I go back and actually finish it...maybe this will inspire me.