Monday, August 27, 2007

The Latest in Church Gear

Random thoughts gallop through my mind all the time. Occasionally, I grab hold of one that looks rather pithy and examine it. Here's one that I found during church yesterday. (Before the sermon, Kevin. :) )
Mrs. Gommels, the dear, sweet lady who always sits ahead of us in church, got up after the first hymn and went out. She soon returned with a bulletin. My first thought was, "If I'd known she needed one, I would've sent my son out to get one for her." In an aside, James loves handing out bulletins, and Mrs. Gommels is nearly eighty.
I have always maintained that one of the best things I could teach my children is that when you are at church and something needs doing, you should jump in and do it, whether it is vacuuming flood water, making coffee, or cutting up fruit. (See previous blogs) The random thought that galloped through was that I should dress my kids in SWAT or FBI shirts and blazon the word SERVANT across the back and breast pocket. That way they and everyone else would know, these kids are here to serve.
Then I had a "Well, DUH!" moment. And slightly convicting too. Shouldn't I be likewise attired? What would happen if I wore a SERVANT shirt? Would I be quicker to see needs and how I could help? Would I be more likely to jump in and do? Better yet, would my attitude about doing be better?
Further mulling of the thought (Still before the sermon, Kevin!) revealed that we ALL should be wearing that SERVANT shirt. It would revolutionize our ministries if we all shouted from the rooftops that we were servants, then girded our loins with a towel and knelt down to wash each other's stinky feet.
And it ain't just for Sunday, neither! All this week, though my shirt will probably be red (I love wearing red t-shirts) I'm going to imagine that it is navy blue with bold yellow letters: SERVANT. How about you? Are you willing to don the gear and serve others?


  1. Interesting you should be thinking about this from the serving angle as I've recently been thinking a lot about it from the receiving angle. As you know, I've been pretty much homebound for the last several weeks with back pain. In that time, I have let a few key people (music minister, SS teacher) know what was going on--but after the inital "we're so sorry, will put you on the prayer list" e-mails, I haven't heard one word from anyone in the church to see if I need anything or if anyone can do anything for me. So last week, I e-mailed my concerns to my pastor. From his response, I don't know if he fully understood my concerns (mostly about how single adults aren't a big presence in our church because we aren't ministered to), but it's really made me want to make sure that when I am back on my feet that this is the role I fulfill--finding out what other singles in the church need to either help them myself or find others willing to serve who can help.

    Great topic!

  2. What a great attitude to have! And a challenge to live up to and to train our kids in!

  3. How strange that you would write about this... our pastor mentioned being servants of God on Sunday, and it got me thinking about what being a servant means. I like serving when I'm recognized for what I've done, but what about when I'm really treated like a servant? What about when I have to do really nasty, awful jobs that I hate... and then no one thanks me or even notices me. I like to be a servant when people notice it and pat me on the back. Now I suppose the challenge is to like to be a servant when no one sees or appreciates it...

    Praise God for grace. :-)

  4. You're a brave woman! Love the topic of servanthood because it's so easily overlooked. The shirt idea is great--just like a nametag on an employee at a store. It would help me remember to smile:)