Saturday, August 11, 2007

How High Is Too High?

This weekend, I got the crits back on the first third of The Bartered Bride. The results were pretty good. Mostly ticky-tack things to change. (I'm sure my lovely crit partners are smacking their heads over my ancient views on the serial comma.) There is one scene I need to stick in from the hero's POV, which will smooth things to come later in the story, and I'm wondering why I didn't see it myself before.

I'm pretty high on this book. I've checked the publisher's guidelines a ton of times, and this is what they publish, the right length, the right subject matter, even the right era and location. I've gotten good, positive feedback from my crit partners and two friends who have read it. I love the characters, the conflict, and the conclusion of the book. (How's that for alliteration?) I love the proposal packet, the one sheet, and if I can get it down, I'll love the 'pitch' too.

What it boils down to is: If nothing comes of this book, I'm going to be so disappointed. I'm trying to be realistic about it, to remind myself that lots of really good books go unpublished every year, that no one is obligated to put this book into print, and most of all, that God's timing is perfect. He has a plan for me and my writing, and I must trust Him with the outcome. If He wants this story in print, it will happen.

So how high is too high? I don't know. What I hope is that my kite doesn't wind up like Charlie Brown's all tangled in a tree somewhere.


  1. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars." - Les Brown

  2. I agree---aim high and you can never go wrong. The kite has to fly high before it can get caught in a tree. You don't get anywhere sitting UNDER the tree.

    It's a great book and you have a right to be proud.

  3. You can never aim too high. Keep using your talents and God will take care of the results. He has good plans for you!

  4. I don't see any reason why B.B. won't be published--it's a wonderful story, wonderfully written. But as Linda wrote, it's in God's hands. And even though we may not understand why the stories we love don't get published, He has a reason--and "we'll understand it better by and by."

    For example: if A Major Event Inc. never gets published--if it never even gets finished--I know why God gave me the idea, and it's done the work He wanted it to do. I've talked and blogged so much about Meredith's Social Anxiety Disorder and the minor symptoms in my own life I've pulled from to write her. Because of this, one of the members of my local group, who for years struggled with "extreme shyness," did some research and went to see a specialist and has been diagnosed with S.A.D.--and is receiving therapy and already doing much better!

    So, you never know what plan God has for your story.

  5. I absolutely LOVE BB. I'll be shocked if it doesn't get picked up. The conflict and the bits of humor are wonderful. I believe you have a winner! Only God knows what His plans are, but I know they're good.