Friday, August 24, 2007

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:

Five things in my purse:
1. Minnesota State Historical Society Membership Card.
2. Pencil for doing crossword puzzles.
3. Chapstick.
4. Library Card (gotta have!)
5. Gum. Peppermint preferably, but I'll take anything in a pinch. I LOVE to chew gum.
What's in your wallet? Or Purse, or handbag, or TOTE (That one was for you, G!)


  1. I hate carrying a purse, bag,pockabook,handbag, whatever. About all I carry is a wallet,my cellphone, and sunglasses. I have jackets with inside pockets or a very tiny saddlebag

  2. Let's see, five that are different than yours.
    1. cell phone
    2. itty bitty tape measure
    3. pocket knife
    4. fingernail clippers
    5. Purell

  3. 1. Cell phone--it's my ONLY phone (no land-line at the house)--and I only buy purses that have the "holster" on the outside for the phone, because I hate digging for it.

    2. Excedrin Migraine--don't leave home without it

    3. Several pens and small pad of paper--never know when the muse might strike.

    4. Tinted lip gloss

    5. Wallet, keys, sunglasses

  4. 1. Library cards--I have three

    2. Change--lots of change

    3. Seashells

    4. Letters

    5. Purell

  5. Anonymous7:05 AM

    1. Glasses - can't read without them!

    2. cell phone - so my kids can always find me.

    3. pen and pad - so the kids can doodle when bored.

    4. credit cards - to shop!!

    5. mints


  6. Cell phone
    Wintergreen Tic-Tacs
    Fruit Punch lip gloss
    fingernail clippers
    granola bar

  7. LOL, tote. I really see nothing significant about the word tote. Tote tote tote tote tote tote. OK, anyway--am I limited to just five? Here it is:
    1. diapers--don't leave home without them.
    2. coins--TONS, not on purpose, they're just there.
    3. wallet
    4. lipstick, never use it on the road, but always there.
    5. book--whatever I'm reading at the time.


  8. I carry a miniscule purse because I don't like them.

    It currently contains:
    1. My cell phone
    2. My driver's license
    3. An almost empty pack of Eclipse Winterfrost gum
    4. My keys
    5. $1.27 in change

    I got taken to Taco Bell instead of McDonald's the other day. Nothing but the best for me... :-)