Friday, July 13, 2007

Keeping Motivated

Some days it feels like you're a hamster on a wheel. You run really fast, but you don't get very far.

So how do you stay motivated? I have several ways.

One of the most effective recently is that crazy countdown to the conference. We're under 10 weeks and counting! EEEEK! (Though my new shoes arrived today. :) )

Another is the Zokutou Word Meter. I love seeing that word count slide upwards.

Another way I stay motivated is to have a cheerleader. I have a friend who reads the day's 'take' of writing each night. Not because she's a critic and looking for errors (though she points the obvious ones out from time to time) but because she likes the story and wants to read more. That's a huge motivater for me. I have an audience who wants to read my work.

There's always the chocolate motivater too. But that one has spreading side effects. :)

What motivates you to get on the hamster wheel and run?


  1. This is really awful--but my greatest motivator is thinking of all the people through the years who kept telling me I couldn't be a writer. I have to do it just to prove I can!
    Checks with your name on them aren't bad either.

  2. Sometimes an idea gets into my head, and I just have to get it out and on paper. Chocolate is a great motivator too :D

  3. Spreading side effects, LOL! Having a reader like that is a huge motivator! I'm trying to think what gets me know, I can't think of any one thing that does the trick. I almost think my daily routine, the fact that I don't feel my day is complete if I haven't written. Good question, Erica!