Friday, July 27, 2007

The Friday Five

Today's Friday Five is in honor of Tiffany Roberson and Chad Skaran who are to be wed this evening.
I spent the morning at church preparing fruit for the fruit salad they are serving at the reception.
Did I mention they are expecting upwards of 300 people?
So the Friday Five is:
Fruit we cut up today!
1. Canteloupe (I detest canteloupe, and yet, there I was, scraping out the seeds and gunk, dicing up gallons of the stuff. I don't even like the SMELL of canteloupe.)
2. Strawberries (My daughter and Margarethe [isn't that a beautiful name? It's Danish] cut up 15 quarts of strawberries)
3. Grapes (My son picked about twenty pounds of grapes off the stems today. It was a 'non-knife' job he was very good at.)
4. Watermelon (I cut up six big watermelons today. By the time I was done, my cutting board and the counter looked like a watermelon had exploded! So juicy!)
5. Peaches (I'm so glad they were free-stones. Otherwise we'd still be there pitting a bushel of peaches.)
Best wishes to the bride and groom. The fruit salad is all ready, and it truly was a labor of love. And thanks to Karmyn and Margarethe and Karen who assisted James and Heather and I with the prep.


  1. You're such a good helper with a generous heart! Good reminder to eat fruit!

  2. What a big heart you have! That was a lot of work. And way to go training Heather and James to be cheerful helpers too!

  3. Mmmm the fruit salad sounds delicious. I never heard of pitless peaches. Guess if I went grocery shopping more, I'd know about these things!