Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Friday Five

The Friday Five this week: (Posted a bit early because I'm headed to the Rochester Public Library tomorrow all day to catch up on the WIP. I played hooky today and didn't write a word.)
Favorite Computer Games Old and New:
The Old ones (1980's)
1. Mixed Up Mother Goose
2. Q Basic Gorilla
3. Cosmo
4. Chaganitzu
5. Oregon Trail
Current Favorites
1. Big Kahuna Reef
2. Free Cell
3. Zoo Tycoon
4. Cribbage
5. Poppit
Got any favorite computer games that take you away from your life?


  1. LOL, I saw "Friday Five" and panicked. I thought I'd missed a day! HAHA. I don't have any favorite games, and it's a good thing because I become easily addicted to "things" like email, caffeine, blah blah blah, so I'm SURE games would do me in.

    Have a great day of writing tomorrow!

  2. Playing on the computer is a game. Email, chat, weblogs, all happy little time wasters. :D

  3. I don't play computer games---I have too many other ways to waste my time. :)
    Seriously, the only time I allowed myself to be cajoled into playing a game--I played a Nancy Drew game with Miah. We left an iron on in the hotel while we went for clues and burnt the hotel down. We lost. He cried and blamed me. I haven't had a good feeling about computer games since.