Friday, July 20, 2007

Flexibility is a Beautiful Thing

Flexibility is a beautiful thing. (But don't imagine that in a million years I could do what the girl in the picture is least not without needing major surgery afterward.)

Today I had thought we were going to the library to work. Got up early. Did the bookwork so I could take in the deposits on the way into downtown. A trip to the library is not taken easily. There's parking to pay for, a parking ramp to maneuver, and a long hike from the parking garage to the entrance to the library due to some really stupid architectural planning. When I go, I plan to stay for awhile to make the trip worth it.

We, the daughter and I, went to the bank, then scooted downtown. What did we find? The whole place was crawling with convention-goers (The Jehovah's Witnesses are in town for FOUR weekends in a row!). The parking ramps for blocks around the library were full to bursting.

Though bummed, we decided we could salvage the day by going to the Coffee Shop on the north side and working there. Anywhere for a change of scene so I could get unstuck on the novel and get back on track. We toddled up to Dunn Bros. Coffee, bought two small diet cokes (neither of us drink coffee) and settled in at a back table. The shop had wi-fi, a dangerous distraction for me, so of course I had to check my email and the ebay auctions where I'm selling my fifth grade curriculum.

The coffee shop turned out to be the O'Hare airport of java joints. There were more people talking on the cell phones and yakking in there than I could deal with. We were there about a half hour, I didn't even open the novel document, and we packed up an left.

Time for plan C. We headed to Grandma's. As I stated on the blog a few weeks ago, my darling MIL has had a recurrance of her cancer, and we stop in to visit her and help her with the housework as often as we can. We dropped in, I staked out the end of her dining room table and I was in business.

The girl and I did chores in between me writing. Gramma's (the MN pronunciation of Grandma) bathroom is sparkly, her laundry's done, and her kitchen floor shines. :)

And I, even with the setback, unscheduled shifts of location, and doing chores, got a whopping 4200 words done today. I wrote right up to the BLACK MOMENT in the novel.

God is good, and flexibility sure comes in handy sometimes.


  1. It's good you know how to reorganize your ducks. Glad you had a productive day.

  2. Sounds like one of my days!