Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who was that?

One item on my list while we are on vacation is to have the DH take some close-ups of me, maybe along the shore of Lake Superior or with some waterfall as a backdrop.

I need a nice picture of me to send to the ACFW for use in September. Small problem is, I never like pictures taken of me. I always look goofy. I always wish I had the capability to Pho-tox my picture, erase the double chin, lift the cheekbones, straigthen and whiten the smile...a hundred things.

Actually, there are two photos of me that I like. One is my wedding picture, which I won't send them, because that would be...silly.
The other is my school picture from my junior year in high school. I was having, for once, a good hair day, and God had given me a clear complexion for that day at least. I had on a favorite blouse, and the background was blue instead of that institutional, this-is-your-mugshot gray they always seemed to use in every other school picture.

I thought about sending that one in. Then I thought of the comments that would be made.

"Did you see her at the conference?"

"I haven't run into her yet? Wonder where she is?"

"Well, I haven't seen her, but look, there's her mother sitting over there."

Nope, better just see what Peter and Lake Superior can do for me.


  1. LOL There's her mother!

  2. Glamour Shots, baby! Not only will they do your makeup and hair (though you might want to take several of your favorite outfits with you), they will airbrush the picture later. The only problem is that they retain the copyright, so it can't be used as your professional head-shot. But for something like the ACFW awards banquet (or your blog photo, like mine), it's perfect.

  3. LOL! You sound like me! I rarely have pictures taken. In fact, in most of our family photos, there's one person missing. OK, I'm also the photographer of the group. I told my husband that years from now people will think he either divorced young, or became a widower.

  4. Erica, Cyndy Salzmann mentioned recently that there is some online place (I think) where for about $10 you can get your picture touched up and perfected.

    I so get how you feel. I'm not photogenic at all. And until sixth grade, I kept handing out my second grade picture because I liked it and the dress I was wearing! How silly is that!

  5. What's the link of that ten dollar page????