Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Project

Today I am starting a new project. I love new projects. It's like when you were a kid and you got a new box of crayons...not the piddly little 8 count box, but the giant 64 count box with the crayon sharpener in the back. I couldn't wait to use the burnt sienna and spring green.

I wrote three chapters of the new book "Pam on Rye" and while I like Pam, and I enjoy the story, I don't have the passion for it right now that writing an historical brings. I've decided to write a synopsis/proposal packet for it and shop it around before I devote anymore time to it.

The new project is aimed at the Heartsong line and is an historical.

One thing almost ready to cross off my writing goals list is the editing of Drums. I sent the last batch on to the girls, and as soon as it comes back and I tweak the booboos, it will be all edited and ready for the synopsis/proposal packet.

Oh, and I sent my picture off to the Genesis Coordinator. :)


  1. EEEEEEEK! I can't wait to get your chapters from Georgiana! I've been on pins and needles wanting to read the ending.

    I'm also interested to learn more about the new project. How exciting. I love new projects, too. But you're right, sometimes the one we think is going to be the "next one" just isn't right at that particular moment. I think you're wise in not forcing yourself to try to write something you really aren't that interested in right now . . . it'll benefit from your coming back to it later with enthusiasm and verve.

  2. I love new boxes of crayons!!!!! And I'm going to start critting Drums tonight--can't wait to read the ending! And it'll be fun to read your new one too. But I am, however, sorry not to get to read Pam On Rye, because with a title like that it was bound to be good. I agree with Kaye, better to tackle something you're enthusiastic about. Glad you got your picture out too. Mine has yet to be snapped.

  3. I saw the picture! Yay, you officially have a face in my mind now, lol. Nice touch with the lighthouse in the back. Where did you have it taken at?

  4. The photo was taken along the Lake Superior North Shore just below Split Rock lighthouse.

    It was so beautiful there. And with the lake an average 40 degrees, the breeze coming in was so cool. I love the sound of water on the shore. We also got to see a loon, Minnesota's state bird (no comments!) They are amazingly fast and can dive and swim underwater, popping up yards from where they disappeared. It was such a great vacation.

  5. I sure hope you go back to Pam on Rye someday. Think it could be a great project.

    Are you sure you didn't decide to do another historical so you'd get a cool vacation out of researching it?? :)

  6. You have a wonderful feel for historical fiction. Your characters are so real. And this from the one who doesn't care for the romance genre! You go, girl!

    And I always liked the 128 box of crayons. Still do.