Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fogg had 80 days and so do I

Just took a look at the countdown to the conference. 80 days. Put me in mind of Jules Verne. Fogg had 80 days to get around the world. I have 80 days to finish a ms, get at least the first part through crits, and compile several proposal packets.

Today I kidnapped the daughter and we took off for the library. I typed like a mad woman, laughing outloud at my characters. The hero and the heroine each took a turn at doing something foolish. Tickled me to no end. I completed three thousand words in three hours. That tickled me more.

We got kicked out at 1:30 pm. I know what you're thinking, but that's the closing time on Saturdays during the summer. I was being good...well, for the most part.

Also, an answer to prayer this week. My MIL had an MRI this week. The cancer has shrunk! God is so good! The docs gave her some new medicines, and she's doing much better. Good news has a way of chirking a person up. We're praising God for His blessing. Please join us.


  1. In my day, the library stayed open every day of the week until 6p and late one night during the week! LOL

    Glad you had a great day with Heather and your work.

    Wonderful news about your MIL.

  2. Your countdown is making me panic! At first, I thought I'd have everything done, no problem. Now, not so sure. Funny how life crops up.

    Glad you got something done. And I'm not sure I'm buying the reason you got kicked out of the library, you wild woman, you!

  3. Yeah, not liking the countdown either. I have Camy Tang doing a paid critique, and it's on a book I haven't even started yet. Got to get to it!

    That's great news about your MIL!

  4. I think I agree with Georgiana--I live in the sticks and OUR library stays open until 5 on Saturday. A big city like yours closes early--hm---

    That is wonderful news about your MIL and good news is always a reason to rejoice!

    80 Days, hm, well, you might make it if you stay off chat.