Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shoe Shocker

This past Saturday it was my pleasure to be the speaker at the Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church Ladies' Spring Tea. I spoke about our spiritual walk, and how sometimes our spiritual feet ache. The causes for such foot problems stemmed from improper footgear to walking in places we shouldn't. I brought a variety of shoes, from a steel-toed workboot (armored with bitterness) to a high-heeled mule (vain and looking for the approval of men) to a baby shoe (indiciative of spiritual immaturity). The talk was well received and I enjoyed giving it immensely.

In the course of the talk, I mentioned something funny that had happened to me a few years back when I was substitute teaching an elementary class at a local Christian school.

I came into class wearing a brand spanking new pair of Cobbie Cuddler tennis shoes. White, with green trim. I was pleased with them, hadn't paid too much for them (KMart, less than $20) and thought I looked a bit of alright in them. Nothing like a new pair of shoes to lift a girl's spirits, right?

I took my chair in the front of the classroom, crossed my legs and asked for any prayer requests before beginning the day with a word of prayer.

One of the sixth-grade boys stared at my shoes, then looked up and announced to me and the class, "Mrs. Vetsch, you look just like Pamela Anderson." For the record, I had to search a bit before I found a picture of Ms. Anderson suitable and well-clothed enough to put on the blog. You'll notice I had to go with a head-shot.

As you can imagine I was shocked and dumbfounded. I look NOTHING like Ms. Anderson.

When I regained a tiny part of my senses, I asked, "Jordan, what makes you say that?"

He pointed to my new shoes and announced, "Oh, she wears a pair of shoes just like that on her new show VIP."

To which his faithful sidekick, Nick, replied, "You should be flattered. He loves her!"
I nearly choked to death, and my thoughts during prayer time were quite scattered, I assure you.
If I'd only known all it took to transform me into an extremely buxom blond beauty was a pair of $17.99 Cobbie Cuddlers from KMart, you can bet I'd have made the purchase sooner. Ten years later, I still have those shoes.


  1. Do they still sell those? Maybe I need a pair! I'm willing to try anything.

  2. You're definitely gonna need to wear them on Sunday to teach your Jr. & Sr. High Sunday School Class! We'll also need a picture of them for the church website and for my blog!

  3. ROFL! You should have brought the Cobbies to represent vain and looking for the approval of men!

  4. That's a hoot! I'd have saved them too. You never can tell what kids are going to say next.