Friday, May 25, 2007

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:
Five books/authors I loved as a child. (The hard thing is going to be limiting it to five.)
1) The Black Stallion books by Walter Farley.
2) The Arabian Cow Horse books by John Richard Young (Very hard to find, but I've completed the set.)
3) The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (I wore out a copy of Farmer Boy in third grade)
4) The Misty books by Marguerite Henry (My copy of Stormy, Misty's Foal, is held together with tape)
5) Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery (Loved, loved, loved the language of these books and all the trouble Anne got herself into.)
Some books that I also loved but that didn't make the top five:
Cherry Ames nursing books by Helen Wells and Julie Tatham
Pretty much anything by Betty Cavanna, but Spring Comes Riding in particular. (The dance at the Naval romantic.)
Rosamund du Jardin and Janet Lambert's work.
Zane Grey, oh man, my friends and I were addicted to his books and passed them around and spoke in an horrible 'cowboy twang' whenever we were together. Must've driven our parents nuts.
And so many more. I was such a bookworm. My best friends were found in books, and my mind was always firmly planted in 'their' world rather than my own. Guess not much has changed, huh?
How about you. Favorite books as a child?
"There is no frigate like a book to take us worlds away." Emily Dickenson


  1. Heeeeeeeeeey, don't series count as more than one???

    My favorites were Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon. I also loved Charlotte's Web.

  2. I loved The Scarlet Pimpernel series by Baroness Orczy

    The Saint series by Leslie Charteris

    I read those as a young teen. As a kid I loved reading the Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia and the dictionary.

  3. LOL, they probably do count as more than one. Oh well, my five favorite series then.

    And CJ...the dictionary? ZZZZzzzzz!

  4. Loved Trixie!

    I'm going through the Little House series with my daughter right now. We're starting Farmer Boy next week once my son's out of school.

  5. Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, The Black Stallion books, Dr. Doolittle (yes, it's a whole series! I'm so glad I grew up in a small town with an old library)

    And Mandie, Elizabeth Gail.

    My all time most favorite book from childhood is called The Snow Filly. It's about a snow white filly who lives in the Outback. It's very rare, and I've yet to find a copy of it for under $50. Someday I WILL own it!

  6. Two words---IMAGE CASCADE!
    (Okay, so you didn't want to hear that right now!!)

    I loved a series of books by Eugenia Young Smith (think that's the author) about a girl named Jenny. The Jennifer Wish and the Jennifer Gift I own. Wish I did the other but am not willing to pay $1300 bucks for The Jennifer Prize.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

    Nancy, Trixie, if it was a mystery I read it.

    The Funny Guy!! I loved that book.

    Magic Elizabeth.

    The Trolley Car Family---and so, I can't count. I told you I was bad at math.

  7. Spring Comes Riding was also my favorite Betty Cavanna! I loved the visit to Annapolis almost as much as when my favorite Janet Lambert characters went to dances at West Point. I have visited both schools but alas did not encounter romance while there...