Friday, May 18, 2007

The Friday Five

The Friday Five:

Five things I did today:

1) Got up earlier than I wanted.

2) Went on a delivery with my DH.

3) Went out to lunch with the DH.

4) Got absolutely NOWHERE with the IRS on a notice I received about some money I paid correctly but they say I didn't.

5) Read a book about shipping on Lake Superior and pinned down the decade for a new historical series set in Duluth, MN.

What I didn't get done was any writing on POR due to playing the wag and gallivanting across south-central Minnesota with my husband today. I re-learned something that I became familiar with when I was a high school teacher. We made a lumber delivery to a school in Owatonna, MN and several of the students came out to help unload the truck. The thing I re-learned was, the smallest high school boy in a class is often the loudest and does the most directing of traffic in a situation like this.


  1. 5 Things from my week:

    1. Drove my parents to a family funeral in Pryor & Claremore, OK (and completely missed driving in Kansas while I was at it!!)

    2. Returned exhausted, but still sane having driven my parents to Oklahoma.

    3. Realized that if I ever suffer from O.P.D. that I really should have my kids "put me down"

    4. Watched this hilarious ad/movie that made me realize all my silly emotions about my parents are what make me crazy (check it out...

    very funny!)

    5. Decided I would swing a golf club with my son, whom I hadn't seen all week (because, did I happen to mention, I was driving to and from Oklahoma) and figured the congregation would have to exercise some forebearance with me this Sunday so I would still have a relationship with my son.

  2. Re #3 of Kevin's reply...yesterday on the delivery we were talking about our parents' um...idiosyncracies...and he asked if I thought we would be that way when we got old and if our kids would think we were nuts.

    I said "Man, I hope so!"

    Live long enough to be a problem to your children.

  3. You have to take a day every now and then to galavant and smell the lumber or off load it.

    Tell Pastor Kevin, I nearly choked on my cup of tea and electrocuted myself as it spritzed into the keyboard on his comment about having his kids put him down if he suffers from OPD

  4. I'm not trying to be a rebel--but I despise the IRS. Been there, done that. Praying you get it resolved soon!