Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Last week was devoted to being sick and trips to the Mayo Clinic. The weekend was devoted to...well, being a weekend. And yesterday was a play day. But today, I'm back in the writing saddle. I worked on six chapters of Drums to send to the crit buddies. It feels good to be working on it again. I can tell, even in just a few days off, that I'm more objective about the work.

Yesterday was, as I said, a play day. The kids and I kidnapped their grampa from the shop and took him on a field trip day to Winona, Minnesota. Winona is located along the beautiful Mississippi River in the heart of River Bluff Country.

Here we saw the beautiful Winona County Courthouse, the Winona County Historical Society museum, the Watkins Museum, and the Wilkie, a replica steamboat.

This picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful this building is. It is made of golden yellow limestone and a purple pipestone found here in Minnesota.

This glass is found in the Winona National Bank, circa 1915, and was designed and manufactured by Tiffany Glass Company.

The Winona National Bank is an Egyptian Revival/Prairie School building built in 1915. It features marble floors and walls, as well as stained glass windows, plaster ceilings designed and molded by Tiffany, and prairie school furnishings and fixtures. On the third floor is a collection of African animals in glass cases, and a wall of firearms dating from the 1600's.

This is a replica steamboat on display on the waterfront.

This is the Watkins mill. Watkins dealers can be found across the country. They have a museum of their products through the years, and a store.

St. Stanislaus Church. This is one amazingly beautiful building. We didn't go in, but we gaped like tourists as we drove around it.

We also toured around Houston County with my FIL, his old stomping grounds. We drove for miles on one lane gravel roads up coulees to see where a building USED to be. LOL All in all, a great day.


  1. That sounds like a lovely trip! Do I sense another WIP coming along soon???

  2. Can you find the farm now and name all the neighbors??

  3. LOL, Linda! I can find the farm (not by any direct route, mind you) and I can tell you about the neighbor's cistern, and the stage coach road, and the places where he shot deer over the last sixty or so years, and about the mill that got taken away by the mean banker...LOL

  4. Helps to step back from you work for a time. You see things with fresh eyes or decide it's darn good as is.

    The trip sounded like fun. Beautiful pics and I bet Grampa had a lot of fun going down memory lane.

  5. Beautiful! Somehow that isn't what I pictured MN looking like. Hmm--now it makes me wonder why my hubby doesn't have more pictures of it!