Monday, April 02, 2007

Pop Culture

I am a member of the Minnesota State Historical Society, and I receive their quarterly publication "Minnesota History."

In this quarter's issue, they have an article about the Beatles' concert at the old Met Stadium in the Twin Cities in 1965. The article documents the plane's arrival, the screaming fans, the concert, and the press conference.

After the press conference, one St. Paul Pioneer Press newsman summed up the experience with this phrase that caught my eye.

"Never have so few done so little to take so much from so many." (Auggust 22, 1965, sec. 1 page 2)

Pithy, isn't it? Four young men changed a generation. When asked how they proposed to use their vast influence on young people, Paul McCartney replied succinctly, "We don't." And yet they did.


  1. Personally, the Beatles never did anything for me. I liked their early music but they got weird after Sgt. Pepper. I always thought they were overrated and preferred the "bad boys", The Rolling Stones.

    How old were you in '65? (-;

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    My older sisters were more into the Beatles than I was. I turned eight in 1965! I think I got into the Monkees more, lol!


  3. Hilarious statement.

    Now for an aside. I just saw your wip word counter and noticed you're doing 103.9%! Had to laugh. Way to go!

  4. How old was I in 1965? Um...minus four. :)

    I did say it was in an HISTORICAL magazine. LOL

    And, Sally, thanks for dropping by. The 103.9%...well, that means I need to cut and chop and excise some of my powerful prose...murdering the darlings...owie.

  5. Oh, you're close to me in age Erica. Let's see, in '65 I was -6.