Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Glass and Goats

Bet you're wondering what goats and glass have to do with each other...or anything for that matter.

Actually, the link is, both appear in my upcoming WIP, Pam on Rye.
Yesterday we got a tour of a stained glass art studio. Today, we went to see nine adorable baby goats. First hand research.
The baby goats were soooo sweet. All ears and eyes and knees. The oldest were about six weeks and the youngest only four days. They capered around the field, nibbling on everything from grass to clothing to even my daughter's hair! They butted and baa-ed and browsed. The two youngest, twin does, each fell asleep in my kids' laps as they sat on the grass. What a fun time. I learned a lot about goat behavior and have a good resource to answer further questions that might arise.
Tomorrow we venture to the stained glass art studio for a lesson in actually working with the glass. Came, foil, solder, flux, grinders, bandsaws, frames, blow torches, light tables, drawing boards...so much to learn.
I'm excited about how God put this story into my heart, then supplied just the right people to help me research it first hand.
I also started something new for this book. A storyboard. Tonight I gathered pictures into a folder on my pc, pictures of the setting, the main characters, and even those two little goats at the top of the post. Aren't they sweet? After our glass setting lesson, Heather and I will print pictures and glue them to a posterboard for handy reference.
Do you use a physical storyboard? An electronic one? A mental one?
Do you visit places and research in person, or do you use mainly books and the internet?


  1. You're gonna let James play with blow torches? Man, I'm leaving town for the day and putting Charlie on high alert status!

  2. We'll have to keep a bucket of water close by. LOL I wish the camera batteries weren't flat. I'd take pictures.

  3. The goats are so sweet! Can't wait to see how they fit into the story.
    Storyboard, hm? I did try doing something like that a long time ago--had pictures from catalogs for all my characters, etc. I do have some photos of people or places I use as references--either on line or in print--but I don't make up a whole board. For me it would be more playtime than writing time. And where would I hang it?

    The farther away I get from putting words down on paper, the less work I get done.

  4. Looks like you had fun with your research, just like with Drums. I can't wait to start reading Pam on Rye, and I love that title!

    As for a storyboard--never used one, but maybe I should. I end up changing so many things in the process of the first draft that a little more planning on my part would benefit the story.

  5. Ooooh--I want to have goat farming (ranching?) be one of the income-producing industries in my little-town-fiction novel (not sure what else to call the genre).

    As far as storyboarding goes, I've always collected images of characters and settings, but Ransome's Honor is the first book for which I actually organized them chapter-by-chapter. Here's a post where I linked to the storyboards for the first three chapters: