Friday, April 20, 2007

The Friday Five

This Friday's Five is:

Best ways to spend a Saturday.

1. Watching cooking shows and home improvement shows on PBS. (I don't cook much, nor can I drive a nail straight, but it's vicarious living.)

2. At a museum of history.

3. Working on the WIP at the library in the company of my best girl, Heather. (Daughter, age 14)

4. Reading excellent fiction written by people I know.

5. Playing Big Kahuna Reef on my laptop, Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit with my son, or watching movies with the family.

How 'bout you? How do you burn your Saturdays?


  1. Saturday mornings--Starbucks--laptop--WIP. Can't think of a better way to start the day. Then, home to pick up the family for lunch at Chili's. Then (and this might actually be my favorite part)naptime.

    PS. I thought about going to the library, like you, but it doesn't open until ten, and they don't allow coffee.

  2. Sleep in!! Hubby's home to get up with the kids, so I take advantage to catch some extra z's. :-)

  3. I'm with Shauna--if I don't get to sleep in on Saturdays, I'm pretty much worthless the rest of the week!

    I usually spend the day at home in my grubbies doing as little cleaning as is necessary, hopefully applying some time to writing, but mostly watching whatever movies I've gotten from Netflix that week. From the end of August through the first week or so in December, Saturday evenings are a sacred time, designated for watching LSU Football.

  4. I try to work on Saturday mornings until about 1. Keep Emma some weekends so then the day is pretty much taken up with little people. We might run to the library or to the grocery or just stay home.
    Today the kids got the giant trampoline out and we had 3 babies bouncing on top--Emma, Taylor and Mackenzie. First nice day so the place was really hopping.