Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Friday Five

Five Things About...
Favorite TV Shows
Going to try something new on the blog for awhile. Each Friday I'll tell you five things about myself. Today's topic is 'Favorite TV Shows'.
In no particular order:
1. The Big Valley ~ No longer on the air, but still a great show.
2. Survivor
3. Numb3rs
4. Any sport but wrestling or boxing.
5. Lately, Scrubs reruns on WGN late night.
What TV shows do you watch?


  1. Big Valley
    The Sopranos
    News (don't stay for sports update wink)

    I don't watch much tv. Spend more time playing with my square headed spouse. (-;

  2. Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, which start up again tonight

  3. 1. Lost
    2. The Amazing Race
    3. Medium
    4. Jericho
    5. CSI: Miami

    Oh, and Robin Hood on BBC America. Oh, yeah, and Numb3rs and Psych (thanks Linda, for the reminder), and House occasionally, and occasinal episodes of What Not to Wear (which comes on in about ten minutes...)

  4. Ooo, I used to live for Survivor--but since we can't watch it as a family anymore I don't watch it at all. Gotta love Little People, Big World. And for some reason I adore Reba. News--I'm a junkie.

    And my all-time favorite? Drumroll.....

    I LOVE LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is there ANY other show one can watch other than Big Valley?
    Sometimes I watch Andy Griffith, if they'd bring back the black and white Perry Mason, I'd watch those--other than that I don't watch a lot of tv.
    If the kids have videos we do watch "The Greatest American Hero,"
    "Avonlea," cartoons and we are rediscovering "The Walton's" and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

  6. Must limit it to current ones on the air. Otherwise my list will be WAY too long!

    1: CSI- original only please
    2: The Unit
    3: Criminal Minds
    4: Pysch
    5: Monk
    6: Magnum

    Ack! Had to be 6... There's about 15 more that I can think of off the top of my head. TVLand is one of the best channels ever.

  7. Becky9:11 AM

    1) Alton Brown's Good Eats
    2) Knitty Gritty
    3) The Barefoot contessa
    4) What you get for the Money
    5) Passport to Europe