Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Friday Five (on Saturday)

The Friday Five (on Saturday this week.)

Five places I've worked.

1. McDonald's (That's right, I was a burger babe, and do ya want fries with that?)

2. Calvary Bible College Dining Hall (Roast beast on Sunday and shipwreck casserole that was as awful as the name implied.) Library (Shh! And no diet coke in the library!) and Admissions (recruiting students and following through with their applications, planning Preview weekends for prospective students)

3. College Park Family Care Center (medical receptionist)

4. Faith Christian School (Jr and Sr High history teacher)

5. Vetsch Hardwoods, Inc. (Bookkeeper extraordinaire)

How about you? Where have you worked?


  1. You call it, I've been there, you name it, I've done it.

    Kean Designs, I made artificial floral arrangements.

    Filene's dept. store, sales associate

    Leonard Morse Hospital, I started in the laboratory as a clerk (receptionist), then became the lead computer operator and float, then became a lab technician in the microbiology dept.

    Marquette Cement, asst office mgr.

    American Merchandise, Inc, tracked frozen potatoes and vegs from Pocatello, ID to Boston.

    Industrial Service Center, Computer Room Mgr.

    Computer Associates, Consultant

    Basic Four, Programmer

    Worcester Art Museum, instructor

  2. Golden Corral restaurant (on the line taking orders, hostess, and salad bar--no waiting tables for me!) in high school (Las Cruces, NM)

    Louisiana School for the Deaf: media/captioned film libarary and HR (while in college, Baton Rouge, LA)

    The Faculty Club (front office, then laundry room)--an on-campus restaurant/inn catering to, yes, the faculty and special guests who came to speak at the school, such as Barbara Bush (commencement speaker the semester I worked there) (while in college, Baton Rouge, LA)

    AT&T--Washington DC Relay Center for the Deaf. Relaying phone calls for deaf/hard of hearing customers.

    The Journal Newspaper--Advertising Sales Assistant (Fairfax, Virginia)

    The Babcock Advertising Agency--Executive Assistant, Accounts Coordinator, copywriter, co-op reimbursement specialist, accountant, Office Manager, Interns' supervisor (all at the same time) Vienna, VA

    The Tennessean Newspaper--Retail Advertising Executive Assistant (10 years) Nashville, TN

    Ideals Publications--Copy Editor (one year on May 22) Nashville, TN

  3. OK, I'm not a numbers person, but I think they did more than five! LOLOL. Anyway, my resume is WAY too long, so I'll just do the last five.

    Edward Jones--broker

    JCPenney--merchandise manager

    Casual Corner--sales associate

    University--student worker

    Unnamed restaurant (Can't remember, LOL--someplace deep in Alaska)waitress--I stank at this.