Monday, March 26, 2007

Ye olde routine

I love a routine. I have one for just about everything. When I do laundry, towels are first, then jeans, then colors, then whites. When I clean the living room, I pick up, dust, and always vacuum last. When I do bookwork, the invoices come first, then payments, then deposits, then pay bills, then do a back-up.

In my writing routine I have a set order of things too.

1. Fire up the laptop.

2. While it is booting, get Diet Coke from 'fridge. (brain food)

3. Log in and check emails.

4. Check each of 12 blogs that I follow regularly. (This doesn't take too awful long, as most don't post something new every day. And I don't often post comments on most of them, so checking in is quick.)

5. Go to and work the jigsaw puzzle of the day. For some reason, this activity just pleases me.

6. Open up the ms.

7. Read through the previous chapter, then dive in with either edits or new work, replacing the Diet Coke can when it gets empty.

Do you have a routine you go through when you set down to do a project?


  1. Yeah, my routine begins with a healthy dose of composting (-;

  2. Ooo, fun post. Let's up the laptop, change a diaper. Run to the desktop to see if I happened to get a miracle email from an agent who is dying to sign me, then drink more coffee (unless it's night time, then it's Diet Coke just like you!) Then I go change a diaper. After that I might write a bit, until the babies want the same toy, then I become a referee. Really, I should probably write at night, but that's when I check blogs!

    BTW, just how many Diet Cokes do you consume in one day??? I'm around 2-3. Or more.

  3. Um...I think I fall into the 'or more' category. I don't drink coffee. I'd have to say 4-5 probably? (wincing when I think about it)

  4. That's OK, I drank about 4 today AND had coffee!

  5. See, if you both drank lots of tea like me, you'd get a LOT more done! LOL---
    Do I have a routine---well, here is my Wed. one. Get up, rush around getting book bags, lunch, fill thermos, drive next door to pick up my nephews, off to their enrichment school an hour away.

    Drop them off, fill my tea mug and sit in the parking lot of the school an hour while I pray and enjoy the seclusion.

    Off to the library with a plug--very important as some libraries do not have plugs for laptops. Go back to my cozy corner, act un-suspicious while I pry out the kid cover on the outlet, plug in the laptop and work. Today was so/so--did some edits, wrote a junky first draft of a chapter I had to add stuff too, looked at another WIP--it sounds better than Saturday. Lost my seat when the librarians wanted to climb on the desk to hang a rug on the wall.

    Checking email and blogs on the library PC, then I will hit JoAnn's, the Dollar Store and park somewhere to have my lunch and read before I pick up the boys.

    And you just HAD TO ASK---because thinking of all that all I want is a COKE--undiet!