Sunday, February 18, 2007

Whew! and My Hero

The End. How sweet that feels.

Yesterday, after seven hours of straight writing at the library and more than 7000 words, the first draft of Drums of the North Star is done.

The ms came in at 95K+ words. I'm so pleased to have made it to the end by my self-imposed deadline.

I need to mention here my heroic husband. I got to thinking about all the things he's done to help me on my writing journey. Things like buying me a jump drive, a new laptop, designing me an office (how cool is that?), listening to plot ideas, taking me on a field trip to the location of Drums of the North Star and following me through lots of museums and listening while I chatted with curators. He allows me to take the occasional Saturday away from home to write, he's sent me on a writer's retreat in 2005, to a writer's conference last year, and another is on the calendar for this year. He's never doubted that I could do this and has done all in his power to help me. (I've told him all this and how much I love and appreciate him.) He lets me buy books, books and more books, and builds shelves for me to put them on. He Rocks!

Plans for this week? I received crits back on my Genesis entry and will tweak those, as well as do the crits for another friend. I'll work on the next dozen pages or so of Drums to submit to the critique group. Each time I get crits back, I learn so much. I'm trying to apply it as much as I can before I send the next batch on. I'm going to begin working on the Drums synopsis for a possible entry in the Barclay Sterling contest. The deadline is March 15th.

So, as always, though one goal is reached, more beckon. At least I don't have to wonder how I'm going to fill my time.


  1. HOORAY!! You did it! I knew you could but I promise not to say the FOUR WORDS. Enjoy the thrill of having it complete before you jump into anything else.
    Your hubby is a treasure, especially for enduring the CONTEST FEVER again! Hope you do well.

  2. Excellent! Your DH is such a keeper. Buy that boy some Heath bars.

  3. YIPPEE! I'm so glad for you! 95 words--that's a lot of work girl! Sounds like you have a king among men. God paired you up perfectly. Congratulations!