Friday, February 16, 2007


Yesterday, my plot screeched to a halt, more knotted than a Celtic circle. I had finished a particularly harrowing battle scene, fraught with danger, a rather surprising development with a secondary character, and lots of words. Things seemed to be going great. Then...nothing.

I looked at my plot cards. Hmm...the story had veered a bit from that path. What to do, what to do...

I did what seemed logical. I asked my 14-year-old daughter. I tell you, that girl, if she doesn't go into museum curation, as is her plan at the moment, could be a terrific editor somewhere.

"Heather, I don' t know what I want to do next in the story."

She looked up from her schoolwork and asked, with all the wisdom in the world, "Shouldn't you be asking the question, 'What do I NEED to happen next to bring the story to a logical conclusion.'?"

Silence as I pondered this pithy advice. She was right. I have a destination in mind. What is the next stop along the way? I unraveled a bit of POV dilemma as to whose head I wanted to be in, and a little light shone on the path. Though I didn't get much written yesterday, I did unsnarl the plot so I can move forward. The goal is still to type THE END by tomorrow.

Heather and I are stealing Saturday again to go to the library and work. This time a friend is joining us. Should be fun!


  1. TOMORROW??? That's AWESOME! Congratulations! Hooray for a wise daughter!

  2. Have fun on your stolen Saturday! Hope you do get to write THE END, that's always a satisfying goal. Then you can begin work on Pam on Rye--giggle everytime I hear that title...