Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Madison Avenue has a lot to answer for

This past week, as we were driving to swimming lessons, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw something unusual. I told the kids to take a look at the car behind us, an ancient Datsun station wagon with a kayak strapped to the top. "Where do you think he's going with that in Minnesota in January?"

To which my son piped up, "Perhaps his credit card miles expired. What's in your wallet?"

Capital One, mission accomplished...at least with one particular eleven-year-old kid.

(Minnesota is currently celebrating the "There is no such thing as global warming" festival...today the wind chill was -21 F.)


  1. Quite the little wit, isn't he--I NEEDED that laugh tonight. :D

    Isn't it amazing how ingrained in our brains popular culture/phrases becomes? And yet, sometimes, it can be *priceless*.

  2. James, you just slay me!

  3. LOVE IT! Maybe the guy was going ice rowing?? Cute James---you should send that to the Capital One guys--maybe a career as an ad writer?

  4. A kayak? The guy was on the way to the looney bin, especially since it was -21. Does the Polar Bear Club have a kayakers division?

  5. Alison Strobel Morrow7:16 PM

    Maybe he was going to do some pseudo-bobsledding. :)

    When I taught 5th grade, we had a lesson on advertising, and I shows my kids how successful advertising had been with them by quoting a slogan and having them identify the company. They didn't miss a single one.