Thursday, January 04, 2007

Didja See It??

Woohoo and Yeehaw! Today marks a milestone in Drums of the North Star. Today I reached the halfway mark in my projected word count goal. I know this won't make USA Today or the New York Times, but it was a big deal for me.

My son got me a rose scented candle for Christmas (with his own money, btw) and I've had it here beside me shining brightly as I write these past two days. A lovely companion while I work.

The notecards are going along swimmingly. I'm on card 42 now of 76. Pretty close to on schedule. The current card will be good for at least 5K words as it is a big scene in the book. I have my dining room table spread with my research books. Each one has some special tidbit or idea I want to include. I'm thinking when I finish this book, I will need to list my bibliography, at least in the proposal, to show I know where stuff came from.

Anyone else passed a milestone lately?


  1. I got the writing table cleaned.

  2. I BOUGHT index cards--does that count? Also wrote a first draft of TWO articles and learned how to say Hello in Chinese.