Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Work!

Today was a GOOD day! And do you know why??? Because I feel like I am back in my routine...okay, rut. I love my rut. I love the flow of my days. While they would drive some people to boredom, my rut fits me beautifully.

I set goals for myself this morning. I had many things I wanted to get done, and I knew if I didn't write a list, I'd be sunk. I wrote the list of nine things I MOST wanted to get done, and then worked my way through it. Now it is not even five pm and I'm done with the list! Woohoo!

I also read through the January 2007 edition of the Advanced Fiction Writer e-zine, published by Randy Ingermanson and distributed for free to over FOUR THOUSAND of his closest writing buddies. If you don't receive this terrific tool, then put down that chocolate bar and get thee hastily to and sign up. It is chock-a-block full of helpful tips and ideas for becoming and being a professional writer.

One of his tips for this month concerned behaving like a professional. This included setting goals, meeting goals, and getting organized. Today, I wrote down my goals for 2007. I'm going to post them here so you all can keep me accountable. :) I'll try to give updates on my progress, but feel free to ask how I'm doing from time to time. Accountability is a powerful tool...almost as good as M&M's. :)

2007 Writing Goals:

1) Finish the first draft of Drums of the North Star (this will mean 1500 words a day, 5 days a week, for six more weeks.)

2) Write out plot cards for new book--Pam on Rye--by 3/20/07.

3) Write first draft of Pam on Rye by 6/29/07.

4) Write synopsis/proposal packet for Drums of the North Star, including series ideas.

5) Write synopsis/proposal packet for Pam on Rye, including series ideas.

6) Edit and revise Drums of the North Star, particularly the first three chapters and synopsis.

7) Edit and revise Pam on Rye, particularly the first three chapters and synopsis.

8) Attend ACFW Conference in September.

9) Follow up on manuscript request of my first novel, Beauty for Ashes.

10) Pray, pray, pray! (this one should be #1...or #1-10)

How do I plan to implement these goals? Well, the first is to sit my butt in the chair and type on Drums. Today I did just over 1500 words. Not bad, says I, but I know some days are coming ahead when I won't be able to write, so I need to get some words stored up. This Saturday, I will steal the day again and try to put another 5K or so on the story. It's sooooo much easier now that I have the note cards. Why do I resist that procedure so much? You'll note I included on my list of goals writing out plot cards for the new book BEFORE I started writing it this time.

I also want to trade some critiques after I finish my own first revisions. This will help me really polish my first three chapters. Then I want to practice my pitches and enlist the help of my agent in targeting which editors to pitch to at the ACFW conference.

I also want to pray specifically that the Lord will allow my mss to find favor with the publisher He wishes, and that He would be working in me through the rejections, the waiting and the growing process.

How about you? Did you write down any goals for the new year for your writing? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Good for you for getting those goals in writing! I too wrote out goals, although I was really specific and only made it through the next 6 months. I don't want to commit my summer months to something specific yet. I used my little V form again. It works for me. I've already checked some big things off and that feels good...I started on Dec. 15th! :)

    Must hear about Pam on Rye!

  2. Actually, I didn't write anything down as I was too busy trying to pry my teeth apart from the chocolate caramel I ate while reading your list of goals! You sound PROFESSIONAL! Does that help?

    I have a list of tentative goals in my mind. Having just gotten back into my routine again, I don't want to commit them to paper yet. Can't decide what I want to do first or when. I'm juggling between three WIP's, research for one, and I've been hit by the article bug again. Got out my good old Writer's Market yesterday and marked a bunch of new markets to try--with stuff I've already written! This year I am big on recycling.

    Going to get more chocolate---your list made me tired.

    Pam on Rye! Love it!

  3. Looks like your list of goals will keep you from walking the streets. Good for you, though I didn't see a goal about increasing chat time (-;