Friday, December 15, 2006


I have ALWAYS said I could only work on one project at a time. I know myself well enough to realize if I start a bazillion projects at once, I will never finish any of them. They will scatter like buckshot in an ever-widening pattern until they disperse on the wind and none hit the target.
So why, when I'm hip-deep in an historical novel that I just realized isn't truly a romance, though it has some romantic elements in it, am I getting THPAMMED by ideas for the most hilarious, most engaging, and most fun book I could think of to write? I'm bombarded with material, themes, characters. They sprang full-blown into my head. And get's not an historical. It's not a romance. It's a LIT book! What on earth am I thinking? I don't write "LIT" books!
I even tried to purge the idea by writing screeds of notes in a notebook late one night, thinking if I could just get the ideas out of the way, I could concentrate on Drums of the North Star and leave this book on a back burner. So far, this hasn't worked. The ideas for this new book keep crowding out what I want to be doing on the historical. I keep pecking away at the novel, jotting down notes for the lit book. And I even toy with the idea of working on two projects at once. Will the madness never end?
Did I mention the lit book has evolved into a three book series? Good grief!


  1. Hanging around me too much, Erica dear? The master of more projects than I can count on one hand? Methinks I am a bad sinfluence. Or maybe the historical does not have your whole heart.

    This proves what I've always thought--if one is a TRUE writer you do not have to search for ideas. They hit you over the head when you least expect it.

  2. Thpam relieves the stress and tension you feel over "Drums". Besides, it's a great way to procrastinate!