Monday, December 18, 2006

Convoluted Yuletide Vocalizations

This week in Sunday School, as a little time filler before the class started, my pastor handed out a little quiz. I thought it an interesting exercise in word-play. Some of them sound hilarious when read aloud. Can you figure them out?

1. Draw near, Approach, Long-awaited Incarnation of Deity.
Come, O Come, Emmanuel
2.Inaugural Yuletide.
The First Noel
3. Exultation in the direction of the biosphere.
Joy To The World
4. Visit, Old-English-second-person-singular extensively-prepared for second person of the Trinity.
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.
5. Proceed, narrate the announcement from an altitudinous geographical formation.
Go Tell It On the Mountain
6. Perambulate, totality of unswervingly loyal devotees.
Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful
7. Supernatural beings perceived from lofty expanses.
Angels We Have Heard on High
8. Give heedfulness, heavenly harbingers intone.
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
9. Consecrated Nightfall.
O Holy Night
10. Pacific nocturnal unit, sanctified nocturnal unit.
Silent Night, Holy Night
11. Distantly located in a bovine feeding receptacle.
Away in a Manger
12. During the interval when agrarian caretakers observed their broods.
While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks
13. Resonate Metallic reversed-directional cones.
Ring The Bells
14. Diminutive municipality of royal-Israeli distinction.
O Little Town of Bethlehem
15. Third Person Plural Triumvirate of Royal Personages.We Three Kings

We had a lot of fun with these. I hope you do to!

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  1. Those are hilarious! LOL My favorite was #11: Distantly located in a bovine feeding receptacle.