Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wanted ~ Thief!

I did it! I stole! I stole a whole Saturday. I awoke at 6:45 this morning prepared to roll over and grab another hour or two of snooze time when I remembered. Today's the Day! I'm stealing it! A jolt of adrenelin hit my heart and sleep was murdered in that instant.

My daughter aided and abetted in the theft. We stole out in the early dawn chill with our bags. A quick trip to the bank to make business deposits and whoosh! We were free for the entire day. We breakfasted at Old Country Buffet, which Heather says is like Fred's Market Buffet near Grampa's house in Florida, but without the grits. (Her opinion of grits? Someone pulverized potatoes and took all the taste out.)

Then it was off to the Library. That's right. The Library. We tucked ourselves away in a study room and I typed like a mad woman. Heather read books and ran errands into the stacks to find research materials for me.


It was a very successful theft. I worked at the library for six hours and put another 5,000 words on Drums of the North Star. Things are really weaving together the farther I get into this book. I know it will need some major restructuring/rewriting, but getting that first draft down is the crucial thing right now.
And who has the most terrific husband and son in the world? I DO! When we got home at 5:30, they had dug out the Christmas tree and loaded it with lights. They'd also done all the laundry, including folding and putting away. How cool and supportive is that????


  1. Congrats on your day and for Heather helping out. Boy howdy, you have great fellas.

  2. Do you ever loan them out for the day? The week? The month? I wouldn't mind coming home to a Christmas tree up and folded laundry!
    Glad you had a super productive day too. The first draft is important---although resorting to a life of crime----tsk, tsk.

  3. Way to go Erica! And you do have a fantastic family!

  4. Hope it is not too late to comment on this entry. I am catching up on your blog writing and have gone back to the beginning to get some continuity. All that said to say this ... Grandma agrees with Heather's assessment of grits. :-)