Sunday, November 12, 2006


This weekend, Rochester was slammed with more than 10 inches of snow. We had 'thunder snow', which snow aficionados will recognize as some heavy duty precip. We had wicked lightening, and six inches fell in a three hour period.

I lit some scented candles, warmed some hot chocolate, and plugged in the laptop. Then I wrote about the blistering heat of western MN in August of 1862. I've finished 50+ pages and more than 16K words now.

Tonight was the first night of a new women's Bible study at our church. We had such a wonderful time. I didn't realize how much I had missed studying the Bible with a group of women. I'm looking forward to two weeks from now when we meet again.

Goals for the week...dare I aim for a total of 20K words? That would be about 25% of the total goal. I'm sure I could do it...especially if I don't watch too many Cadfael videos. I'll blog about Cadfael later. ;)


  1. Better it snows in the Land of Here There Be Dragons than here in The Hub. Thunder snow is wicked! We got your wicked thunder along with rain. It's just too early for snow.

  2. Thunder snow sounds so dramatic. I'm not sure I've ever heard of it. Although I don't particularly care to hear about it for another month or so. I'm still enjoying the leaves changing color.

  3. Who on earth is Cadfael? I'll probably feel like a dork when I find out!

    Anyway, go for it! 20000 words is doable! Let your fingers fly this week, and forget about Cadfael, whoever that is!