Saturday, October 21, 2006

What kind of writer?

Today I was browsing my favorite blogs and came across this on Angela Hunt's blog "A Life in Pages" (You can reach it by clicking on the link in the left margin of this blog.)

At least this little quiz seems to think I'm writing in the correct genre. You can take the quiz yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Let me know your results.

You Should Be a Romance Novelist

You see the world as it should be, and this goes double for all matters of the heart.
You can find the romance in any situation, and you would make a talented romance story writer...
And while you may be a traditional romantic, you're just as likely to be drawn to quirky or dark love stories.
As long as it deals with infatuation, heartbreak, and soulmates - you could write it.


  1. I took the survey, and I should be a Film Writer! Was a lot of fun

  2. I took it twice and got two blank pages---so what does THAT mean?? I'm undefineable or I should keep the day job?

  3. Now it says I am not normal and I should write science fiction! I think NOT! Who writes these weird things anyway--obviously someone with too much time on their hands.

  4. I'm supposed to be a film writer - yay!

    You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
    You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
    Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
    And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

  5. A joke writer? Is that what it said? I didn't know that was one of the options! lol Maybe you're the next Martha Bolton? Or Erma Bombeck?

  6. Somehow I ended up as a joke writer too! (I guess here's where I should say "LOL!") Tee hee hee, this was fun.