Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Maybe Someday File

I have a Maybe Someday File. I'm not talking about the sort of "Maybe Someday" thoughts you have from time to time about world travel or winning the lottery or inheriting a bazillion bucks from a long lost uncle.

My "Maybe Someday File" is full of story ideas. Everything from a four book History-Mystery series set at various Minnesota historical sites, to a romance set on a contemporary Arizona Ranch. A story about Skeeter, an orphan from 1870's San Francisco and a scrap of an idea about the locust plague of 1870's Minnesota. Then there's the Owatonna Orphanage story that cluttered up my mind when I was trying to research the current WIP. I put all my story ideas in the "Maybe Someday File" and when I finish a WIP, I go to it and read the "Maybe Someday" ideas and choose a "Today's the Day" story to begin working on.

Do you have a "Maybe Someday File"?


  1. Go through your Someday File. I'm still waiting patiently (-; for the sequel to B4A

  2. Ha, ha, ha, my maybe someday file including nagging you into the Skeeter story. Crossing that one off MY list! :-) Donna

  3. Nope. No official file. But I do have a folder in my computer, and I make a few scattered notes in a notebook. Sadly, I haven't re-read my notes, LOL. There might actually be a good idea in there. But you have a good idea. Maybe I should keep them all in one place too:)

  4. Yes. I have a maybe someday file. Some ideas in it I don't think I'm qualified to write. Specifically, a weird dream I had with spiritual undertones. It's not in the genre I'm comfortable in writing in... who knows, maybe someday.