Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why, Why, Why, and reality TV

Now that the ms is off to the critters, I'm at loose ends. A new story is perking in my brain, but it isn't anywhere near the point where I can start writing. Today several research materials will arrive on the bookmobile. I'm hoping reading first hand accounts of the historical event/setting of the new novel will springboard the 'compost' phase and open new doors of plotting and possibilities.

Yesterday, when I didn't have any ideas and didn't have a ms to work on, I wondered if I was finished, if I had exhausted the 'writing' phase of my brain. I read some writing blogs and was bored with them. I read the digest emails of a couple of writer's groups I belong to and I was bored.

One thing I've learned in the last two years as I've been writing, is that there are more emotional rollers crashing around in this profession than waves hitting the beach at Waikiki. One minute you're on top of the world, you've gotten some encouraging news from your agent, or someone complimented your writing, and the next you're feeling isolated, inept, and indifferent.

How do writers deal with these ups and downs? My usual strategy is to wait it out, do something else for awhile, and come back at the writing later.

Lately, this escaping the ups and downs has taken the form of watcing reality TV. LOL Who knew? I've watched reruns (new to me) of Project Runway, Top Chef, and a totally hilarious show called Battle of the Network Reality TV Stars (or something like that). What a hoot! These programs have shown me my life as a writer isn't all that odd. I'm having a blast.


  1. Enjoyed browsing your site. Thankis for showing up over at my place and helping me get that opic rolling there.

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  2. Donna Alice7:21 PM

    Reality tv, huh? Is this a new career move?? Know what you mean about the ups and downs. Some days the story runs along like a train on a greased track, then other days writing bogs down like you're one of those slow, bulky trains filled with's...not...worth...the...effort....But, thankfully, even in our down times we can find something ELSE to write about. Like reality tv...LOL