Sunday, August 27, 2006

Let the Wind Blow

Wild storms here in MN this week. We were without power for a bit, and spent yesterday with a chainsaw and bonfire getting rid of downed trees. I've decided to set the last ms aside for awhile before I do any rewrites on it. I'm going to send some to my agent and see what he says.

This weekend we'll be venturing up the Minnesota River Valley on a little family vacation. We'll take in some sights and do a little shopping in and around the delightful German village of New Ulm.

This past week the kids and I went on a couple of field trips. We saw some pioneer museums, and one of the most haunting museums I've ever been in, the Owatonna State School Orphanage museum. You can visit their site at

I purchased two books while I was there written by men who had been wards of the State of Minnesota and lived at the orphanage. I read one of them today. While The Locust Slept by Peter Razor. His experiences are absolutely chilling.

I've started a chart for the next ms. I'm composting the scenes, trying to get as much tension into them as I can. I'm torn as to who is the protagonist of my story right now. I have two to choose from and each is special in her own way. I'll compost on it some more.


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