Wednesday, August 02, 2006

...if you know what I mean.

Big writing week this week. The manuscript stands at 66K words with more to be added tomorrow while editing, and I made it through the entire ms with pencil edits. About 50 pages of those have been input. 150+ more to go. I have at least two major scenes to add and several small ones that were revealed during the pencil edits. Also, I'm not planning to write another first draft without chapter breaks! Dividing it up into suitable chapters for editing was HARD!

The rush of finishing the first draft has passed, and now it is down to the hard grind. I love editing, but after awhile, my mind turns to mush!

I did have an interesting thing happen to me this past week though. I set the ms aside for Friday-Sunday so I would be fresh to edit beginning Monday morning. By Saturday night, I was missing my characters and my fictional world! That's never happened to me before. These folks have really made themselves at home in my head.

Vicki's making excellent progress on her work and being much more thorough on her pencil edits than I was. She's got such gruelling subject matter that it wrenches the heart. It's going to be a great book, and I think it will be snapped up the minute the proposal goes out.

We've set ourselves a new target date to have the proposals and synopses ready along with the first three chapters in pristine condition to send out. It's a pretty ambitious goal, but I think we can make it.

Still waiting for word from the publishing house that has my ms under consideration, and still waiting for word from Stephanie that the house that requested her ms is going to accept it. I firmly believe they are and won't consider any other options! LOL

As to the title of the post...well, that's an inside joke between Vicki and I, but it reminds us of the power of words...if you know what I mean. ;)


  1. I am cracking up...if you know what I mean. I'm sad that our last summer writing week is done. But, catch this...creative writers can always find creative means to get together. So, here's the thing, I just counted and there are only 273 calendar days until Summer vacation!! With Holy Enthusiasm, your favorite M&M Gal, Vicki

  2. Stephanie11:37 AM

    You and Vicki are awesome! I love how you encourage each other. And would you be my agent? You're so positive - I love it!