Friday, August 04, 2006

Bittersweetness in life

Saying goodbye to something is always bittersweet for me. Today I said goodbye to something that has been a big part of my life for over two years. I stepped down as a moderator of a site where I first learned to love writing fiction.

It was hard, and afterward I shed a few tears. I don't want to leave behind the people, but I didn't have time for the responsibilities that went along with being a moderator. I made some friends to last me a lifetime. I want to continue those friendships as I venture into new avenues in my life.

School starts for us on Monday. School in the mornings, writing in the afternoons and bookkeeping at night. I'm going to be a busy woman. But I feel God has called me to these things at this time in my life, and I want to be obedient.

The writing week has come to a close, and I'd say it was a success. I got through the entire manuscript one time and almost made it through a second. I added 5K words to its length, and there are still a few more places to add. Tomorrow I anticipate printing it out with chapter breaks and doing a read aloud. I should be able to get it to my crit partners by next Friday.

In keeping with the bittersweet theme...leaving this book and these characters is going to be hard for me. I've enjoyed them so much. My thanks to Vicki for coming up with a great title for me.

Oh, this week also saw my first 'publication' as I wrote an article for my church newsletter. It was fun to see my byline. Maybe I'm on the cusp of big things. LOL


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Oh, look, a comment from me!

    I'm really really sad about everything...but nobody can stop change and the fact that people move on and new people come in and etc etc...

    HOWEVER, you better keep in touch with me, I do so enjoy calling you and cracking up for a solid fact, I may be compelled to do that soon.

    You're awesome, Erica!!!

  2. What a fun point in your book! You and I are in about the same stage. Now the real fun begins, at least it's that way for me. You'll have to update us on your progress:)

  3. Donna Alice5:31 PM

    I agree with Katie, no way are you losing touch with me either! It's sad we can't always do everything we want or love to do--at the same time. But I've found there are "seasons" for everything, places we need to be or things we need to do for awhile. After we've completed that season, we move on to other things.
    What I think is truly AWESOME is that we met, and look how far we've both come with our writing. This is a good time to say goodbye to your moderator duties---you've gotten your name in PRiNT for the first time and you've finished another book.
    Remember--'Packing up the dreams, God planted, in the fertile soul of you---can't believe the hopes He's granted, means a chapter in your life is through...' You did a super job and your input will be missed. But you can know you are leaving with an honorable discharge. LOL... Donna

  4. Stephanie11:40 AM

    Aww, Erica, I'm really proud of you for not over committing yourself and focusing on what you feel God is asking of you.